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Jodi Richardson

Kamloops Dietitian and Nutritionist 

Providing Nutrition Services to BC Residents

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Hi there, I'm Jodi


I am so happy you’ve landed here! I am passionate about helping people build better nutrition and health habits...

I translate the latest science into practical and smart eating strategies that make sense.

No cookie-cutter advice here - you will get personal advice and plans that work for you! 

I practice with a weight neutral approach, meaning a strong focus on healthy habits – not a # on the scale! I want you to nourish your body, enjoy what you eat, and have a positive relationship with food.


Thank you for being here and I look forward to working with you!


In Health,




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Nutrition & Health Coaching

I help people simplify healthy eating. Making small changes to your eating habits is a process and I am here to help guide you to your best health.

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Book a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call to see which nutrition package would be the right fit for you.


Virtual Cooking Classes

Join Registered Dietitian, Jodi Richardson, for an interactive online cooking class. Gain hands-on experience preparing and cooking healthy food that tastes delicious. Increase your confidence, have fun, and get inspired.

See you in the kitchen!

Coming Soon...

Cooking Class

Craving Change® Workshop

“I know what to eat but I just can’t seem to do it”

“I’m an emotional eater”

“I want more control over my eating”

Sound familiar? Join a six-week virtual workshop for changing your relationship with food. Understand why you eat the way you do. Comfort yourself without food. Change your thinking, change your eating!


Craving Change will help you to:


Understand why it is so hard to change

Identify your own personal problematic eating triggers

Learn many different strategies and techniques to change either your triggers or eating response

Maintain your healthier eating habits


Coming Soon...

Did you know that Dietitian visits are tax deductible and often covered by extended health plans?

Check to see if your plan does!
Most plans in BC cover up to $500 a year.

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